Baby Shower Guest List

Go ahead and draw up a first draft of the baby shower guest list, those friends and relatives that you believe the new mommy would love to attend the party. If the potential guests know the new mommy through work, church, or an organization, the list is easier to draw up; almost ready-made. If you’re unsure of who you should invite, you should as the mommy-to-be, or anyone close to her to make sure someone important wasn’t missed, like favorite Aunt Melba.Let the Guest of Honor Approve the Baby Shower Guest List After your first draft, let the new mommy approve or edit it as she sees fit. It’s possible that you’ve forgotten someone or included someone that the guest of honor would rather not attend. You need to be sensitive the mommy-to-be’s request to remove someone from the list. Now isn’t the time to include people that you want to attend, but it’s for the new mother and everyone knows that patience isn’t a strong suite for the new mom at this time.The Baby Shower Guest List for a Surprise Baby Shower

For a surprise shower, work with a close relative and/or close friend to help with deciding whom to invite and to supply names and addresses for the invitations. You should be careful with a surprise shower because there could be someone that the guest of honor is not comfortable with but has never mentioned the discomfort. Also, keep in mind that not everyone likes a surprise, so make sure that is something the guest of honor would be comfortable with by talking it over with her husband, mother, or someone else who is close to her. Grand home design will make life easier for you by offering detailed reviews and helpful articles.

You might want to consider getting a guest list book. Everyone can sign in and you can record who gave what gift to the Guest of Honor. Here’s a really nice one, especially if you’re using the ducky theme. It’s a Wilton Rubber Ducky Guest Book.

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